Gluten-free possibilities. Made easy.

Gluten-free foods have surged in popularity as many consumers try to reduce the amount of gluten in their diets while seeking out great flavour, with almost 70% of gluten-free eaters doing so out of choice.1

Easily convert your recipes to gluten-free. With our Gluten-Free 1:1 All Purpose Flour Blend, it’s as simple as a cup-for-cup swap for traditional flour. Develop gluten-free recipes your customers want without sacrificing the taste they already know and love.




It’s as easy to use as its name suggests. It’s a practical cup-for-cup swap for traditional flour.


Manufactured in our dedicated and certified gluten-free facility.


Exceed your customers taste and texture expectations for gluten-free applications.


With a simple cup-for-cup substitution, this flour blend is ideal for a variety of sweet baked goods, and also shines in pan breads or focaccia with a slight recipe adaptation.


Ardent Mills is dedicated to supplying bakeries and food service professionals with high quality gluten-free flour blends suitable for your favourite recipes. Our innovation team brings together top talent in culinary, product development, technical support and quality assurance – all dedicated to supporting your new product launches!

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1Ardent Mills Proprietary Study

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