From our popular brands to store brand flours and bakery ingredients, Ardent Mills is committed to enhancing retailers’ flour and bakery selection. Our extensive portfolio of flour ingredients, which includes everything from traditional and world flours to ancient grains and custom-mixes, can be used in private label brands and in-store bakeries. Many Ardent Mills products are available with specific certifications, such as organic, kosher, non-GMO and more.

Ardent Mills is more than a simple flour supplier. We’re a trusted partner for collaboration and innovation. We can create flour mixes to meet in-store bakery specifications, along with customized packaging and pallet configurations for grocery aisles. We love to collaborate with retailers in exploring new markets. With more than 40 mills throughout North America, Ardent Mills can also be counted on for consistency and stability to ensure that stores never run out of our products, leaving consumers satisfied.