Ardent Mills operations marry the best of big and small; we provide a broad footprint of local operations that enables us to efficiently produce and transport a wide range of flours and specialty products to customers in multiple locations.

Safety and efficiency are at the core of our operations. We use an array of best practices to enhance our efficiencies, from following the 5S methodology to keeping our mills pristine and audit ready 24/7. Additionally, our Continuous Improvement team is constantly assessing our processes to ensure optimal performance. These practices help us to streamline our processes and focus on safety, which in turn allows us to offer the highest-quality products at competitive prices.

We are proud of our facilities and products, and love to share our expertise and best practices with our customers. Customers can tour our plants and gain a better understanding of our processes and even partner with our Continuous Improvement team for advice on everything from product rationalization to operational process flow engineering. Further, our technical bakers are available to troubleshoot any problems with the baking process or equipment. Even if a customer’s challenge has nothing to do with flour, our experts will work with them to create a solution.