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*Ingredients depicted in raw form and not ready for use.

Imagination. It's ingrained in us.

At Ardent Mills, we are your supplier partner to solve today’s challenges and stay ahead of tomorrow’s trends. With our nationwide footprint and localized support, we help you respond to market dynamics. And with our best-in-the-business research and resources, like our Innovation Center, we’re continually developing concepts and products that help you seed growth.

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We’re here to help increase efficiency in your operation — with trending products and a passion for service and solutions.

  • Keto friendly success comes ready-made with our keto friendly flour blends. Get to market fast.
  • Our custom blending capabilities help you quickly innovate and commercialize keto-friendly bread and baked good products.
  • Quinoa is taking center stage in products, on menus and on shelves. From flour to seeds to flakes, think big and think Ardent Mills.
  • This bean is versatile — chickpeas are on-trend and appearing in plant-based applications everywhere.
  • We take food safety seriously. Our product solutions are prepared to help put you at ease.

Keto success is a

See how we helped an emerging bread startup develop new products


Growth for tomorrow

Explore the Drivers of Innovation

To spark your imagination and help you capitalize on the latest trends, Ardent Mills has discovered the why behind the trends through our proprietary research. We call these the Drivers of Innovation. Each of the five drivers identifies the consumer needs and behaviors determining what’s next in food.

Your partner of choice. Let us show you how we can bring ideas to life, together.

Our state-of-the-art Ardent Mills Innovation Center (AMIC) supports customers seeking to further develop application uses and perfect their baking processes for traditional wheat-based flours and alternative grains. At the AMIC, you work with our hands-on, cross-functional teams of chefs, R&D experts and food scientists, in our dedicated facilities including:

The Bake Lab experiments with the baking evaluation processes and assesses quality and consistency

The Culinary Center and R&D Applications Lab work with customers to turn innovative concepts into prototypes and create new ingredient applications

The Flour Research Room showcases our small-scale milling equipment used to experiment with new grains


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