Whole Wheat

A whole-wheat flour that is produced by grinding and bolting both the endosperm and bran coat of the top milling grades of hard red spring Canadian wheat to meet the regulatory requirements of Canada.

  • Whole-Wheat Baked Goods
  • Pitas
  • English Muffins
  • Baguettes

Product Formats:

  • All-O-Wheat Whole Wheat: Our All-O-Wheat brand available in all purpose whole-wheat flour and coarse whole-wheat flour varieties.
  • All-O-Wheat Select: A flour that will support high-volume whole-wheat breads.
  • All-O-Wheat Whole Grain: A flour that meets the Canadian definition of whole grain.
  • Maxima Bran Enriched Wheat: Maxima is an enriched white flour with added bran, producing high volume and light-coloured baked goods.


  • Ardent Mills®
  • All-O-Wheat™
  • Maxima™


  • 20 kg. Bag
  • Tote
  • Bulk

Flour Protein:
12 – 14.5%

1.00 – 1.94

15% Max

* Product availability subject to change and may be dependent on volumes and location. Contact your Ardent Mills representative for the most up-to date information, including detailed product specifications if required.

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Please note Ardent Mills does not sell directly to home bakers. Our commercial flour is available at select retailers across Canada. For consumer flour, please contact our retail flour partner, Smucker Foods of Canada or visit robinhood.ca.

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