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The keto market is expected to explode to almost $15 billion globally in 20271 , and Ardent Mills is helping bakeries and CPG companies alike take advantage of this growing opportunity. Our lineup of keto friendly flour blends have been formulated to replace conventional flour in your signature formulations – on your existing equipment – to get new products to market quickly. For customers looking to develop new recipes, our keto experts and innovation team can help you create research-driven keto products and flour blends to match your specific consumers’ tastes and preferences.

1 Mintel Purchase Intelligence

* Results will vary based on manufacturer’s application. Any carb, “net” carb, keto, or any other claim is the responsibility of the manufacturer.

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Why keto friendly? The global ketogenic diet market size is expected to reach $14.75 billion by 2027.(1) 40% yearly increase in appearance of menu items with a keto claim(2)

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See how a growing bread startup partnered with Ardent Mills to develop innovative keto friendly products that grew to 60% of its total revenue.

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