Keto-Friendly. A new option for crust success.

The keto lifestyle is likely to evolve and becoming less restrictive, with a more balanced and holistic diet that is increasingly inclusive of higher quality carbs and grains. Our versatile Keto-Friendly Pizza Mix was developed specifically for pizza operators with ease of use and freedom to innovate top of mind, allowing your customers to enjoy the taste, texture and crunch they crave in pizza without compromising their nutritional goals.

Ardent Mills® Keto-Friendly Pizza Mix


The only easy-to-use, one-bag solution to create your own keto-friendly pizza crusts.


Suitable for most operations with the ability to make fresh, frozen, or par-baked keto-friendly crusts.


Keto-friendly solution that will meet or exceed consumers taste, texture and flavour expectations, without compromising their preferred nutritional guidelines.

Express your style:

Allows you to impart your signature style in a variety of pizza crusts, bread sticks, garlic knots and more. 


Ardent Mills is dedicated to supplying restaurant and food service professionals with the right pizza flour for every application. As a Canadian pizza flour and pizza mix supplier, we support you to create high quality keto-friendly pizza crusts that appeal to consumers dietary preferences. Our innovation team brings together top talent in culinary, product development, technical support and quality assurance – all dedicated to supporting your new product launches!

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 Download our keto-friendly pizza recipe


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