SimplyClean™ Cakes

More and more consumers are reading labels in search of “cleaner” foods made with simple, recognizable ingredients. SimplyClean™ concentrates meet this demand with a short list of ingredients – without any artificial flavours, colours, sweeteners, additives or preservatives. Bake the wholesome cake your customers want with a taste consumers love. Available in vanilla, chocolate, angel food and universal concentrate.

  • Layer Cakes
  • Birthday Cakes
  • Cookies
  • Sheet Cakes
  • Cupcakes
  • Angel Food Cakes
  • Jelly Rolls

Product Formats:

  • Cake Concentrate: 
    • 15600 SimplyClean™ Vanilla Cake Concentrate  
    • 15680 SimplyClean™ Chocolate Cake Concentrate  
    • 15682 SimplyClean™ Angel Food Cake Concentrate
  • Specialty Concentrate: 
    • 15601 SimplyClean™ Vanilla Cake Super Concentrate  
    • 15606 SimplyClean™ Universal Concentrate


  • Ardent Mills®
    • SimplyClean™


  • 10 kg. Bag
  • Tote
* Product availability subject to change and may be dependent on volumes and location. Contact your Ardent Mills representative for the most up-to date information, including detailed product specifications if required.

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