Exciting possibilities. For gluten-free crusts.

Our Gluten-Free Pizza Flour Blend makes it simple to deliver the styles you want. Be inspired to create great-tasting thin crust, pan pizzas and flatbreads that appeal to consumers’ dietary preferences and lifestyle choices with our certified gluten-free flour blend and enjoy a piece of the pie.

Gluten-Free Pizza Flour Blend


  • Produced in our dedicated and certified gluten-free facility.


  • Go beyond thin crust pizzas with the versatility to create pan pizzas, flatbreads & more.


  • Exceed consumers taste and texture expectations for gluten-free crusts.


  • An inspired opportunity to create your pizzas in your styles. Fresh, frozen or par-baked.


Avaialble in:

  • 6/2kg case of stand-up resealable pouches
  • 10kg bags


Ardent Mills is dedicated to supplying restaurant and food service professionals with the right pizza flour for every application. As a Canadian pizza flour and pizza mix supplier, we support you to create a high quality gluten-free pizza crust. In addition to supplying quality ingredients, our innovation team brings together top talent in culinary, product development, quality standards and technical support – all dedicated to supporting your new product launches!

Check out our helpful resources for pizza makers, including:


 Download our gluten-free pan pizza recipe

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